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Strange Plumbing Noises to Watch Out For

Strange Plumbing Noises to Watch Out For

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It’s normal for your plumbing to produce noises—from the shushing sound of water flowing through the pipes to the splashing noise when your water heater is refilling. However, some noises may indicate severe underlying issues that require the immediate attention of a qualified plumber in Trinity, FL. Farrell Plumbing lists the strange sounds to watch out for:


This usually results from a water hammer, also referred to as hydraulic shock. It happens when you suddenly shut off a valve or faucet, stopping water flow. The disrupted water flow then sends a pressure wave through the pipes, causing a loud bang.

While this might not require serious plumbing repairs, we advise clients to have a professional install an anti-hammer device. Another solution is clamping the pipes to the wall or adding support brackets.


This resembles someone emptying a water bottle. It typically indicates a clog somewhere in the pipes. While the clog might seem minor, it’s best to call a reliable plumbing company to prevent it from worsening.


Whistling sounds may mean you have broken washers near the washing machine or dishwasher. This usually results from loose and worn-out nuts and bolts. If the noise is accompanied by slow drainage, it indicates a clog developing in the pipes. Enlist plumbing services to address the problem as soon as possible; otherwise, your appliances might fail sooner than expected, or you might end up with backups.


During installation, plumbers secure pipes with fasteners to the floors, walls, or ceilings. If these fasteners loosen or detach from the lines, the vibration from the water flow causes the pipes to move, producing a rattling sound. This noise can also be due to high water pressure, which can cause your pipes to burst when left neglected. Don’t wait for an emergency plumbing issue to occur and have this fixed right away.

At Farrell Plumbing, we value reliability, honesty, and professionalism. We are dedicated to taking on any residential or commercial plumbing projects, big or small. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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