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Water Treatment and Filtration

Water Treatment and Filtration

Top-Notch Water Treatment Services in Port Richey, FL, and Nearby Areas

Have you considered water softener installation or thought about other water treatment options available from Farrell Plumbing? This is something we recommend considering if you have concerns about the quality and freshness of your water. We offer an assortment of options for water treatment services in Port Richey, FL, or other areas we serve ideal for all specific needs and budgets.

The Role of Water Treatment

The purpose of water treatment, in general, is to improve the quality of the water you use for cooking, bathing, drinking, cleaning, and many other routine tasks. Even if you have "treated" water coming into your property, it can still have impurities that affect your health and plumbing. This is why one of the other important roles of a water filtration system is to provide some extra peace of mind.

Issues We Can Address with Water Treatment

By the time water gets where it's needed in your home or office, it can be affected by materials in your pipes or minerals commonly found in the water used within your area. The good news is water conditioning, filtration, and softening systems and devices can effectively address many of these issues. Some of the common ones include:

  • Water "hardness" is caused by high amounts of calcium and magnesium
  • Excess bacteria and other microorganisms could affect your digestive system
  • Water taste, odor, and overall quality
  • Excess minerals that contribute to pipe/fixture corrosion

What to Expect with Water Treatment Solutions

The first step we take with water treatment is to discuss your concerns. Since our plumbing company is local, we have a general feel for what often affects water quality in the area. Next, we discuss options that address your concerns and work well for your budget. Once you've decided on a water treatment option you prefer, we get everything set up so you can enjoy worry-free water!

Top Water Treatment Options

Our water treatment and water conditioning services are based on what's best for your situation. For instance, if you have concerns about water hardness, water-softening devices can be extremely beneficial. These devices are designed to remove excess minerals from the water that comes into your home, which is also good for your pipes, fixtures, clothes, and dishes. Popular options today with water treatment include:

  • Countertop water filters ideal for certain areas, like your kitchen
  • Under-sink filters if you prefer something that's easier to conceal
  • Whole-home filtration systems to treat any water that comes into your home
  • Filter-specific devices – e.g., activated carbon, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, etc.

Why Farrell Plumbing Is Your Best Option

Whether you're looking for a whole-house water filtration system or another water treatment solution for more specific needs, count on Farrell Plumbing to help you out. We also offer a FREE WATER TEST!

As your top local source of water treatment services, we take pride in treating customers right with A+ service. We are a top-rated company on HomeAdvisor and have earned consistently high reviews on Google, Facebook, and Thumbtack. We have also garnered several awards from Tampa Bay Times and Suncoast Reader’s Choice.

Take the First Step towards Improved Water Quality Today

Ready to enjoy the many benefits of clean, healthy water that's good for you, your family, and your plumbing system? Reach out to Farrell Plumbing to discuss the possibilities with our water purification services and treatment options. We'll help you find a solution that gives you the results you prefer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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