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Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

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When it comes to the efficiency of your sewer line, there are a few things you need to watch out for down the road. Over time, your drains undergo all manner of wear and tear as they transport gray water and organic waste to the sewer. When it comes to a sewer-related issue that you are dealing with, make sure that you depend on a professional plumbing company.

Allow us to take care of your sewer repair needs, so you can rest assured that the issue will get fixed professionally. Whether your sewer system is in such a bad state as to warrant immediate sewer line repair or you got suspiciously slow drains in your bathroom, we can check and address the issue promptly and effectively. We serve:

Recognize the Common Sewer Issues

It’s essential to pay attention to your malfunctioning sewer line as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Choosing Farrell Plumbing experts to repair or replace sewer line enables you to protect your garden and yard from the damage caused by standing pools of water. Sewer issues come in many forms. Taking care of your sewer line is vital for ensuring good flow through your drains and maintaining your home. Recognizing the common types of problems that might affect the efficiency of your drainage system can help you avoid the issues.

  • Line blockage

Grease, hair, food, soap, and other substances can easily stick to the inner parts of pipes and buildup in different areas of the sewer line. The materials forming the clogs interfere with wastewater flow, necessitating our help.

  • Sewer backups

Clogs limit or prohibit proper water flow, resulting in sewage backup. When gray water seeps through your home drains, your family may get exposed to hazardous sewer gas, which can have adverse effects, including on your health.

  • Invasive tree roots

Tree roots infiltrate the sewer line, snagging toilet paper and other materials that clog sewer lines. The roots, together with the collected debris, form large chunks that restrict drainage.

  • Corroded pipes

Over time, pipes deteriorate or break, causing clogs in the line and limiting water flow. Our experts can provide exceptional repair and replacement to restore the functionality of your sewer system.

You probably don’t think about requiring sewer repair services in Palm Harbor, FL, until you start noticing signs of damage. These five can be a cause for concern:

  • Swooshing, gurgling, or bubbling sounds when you flush the toilet
  • Foul odors in your basement
  • Sewer backup
  • Slow drains
  • Stubborn clogs in your sinks and toilets

Benefit from Our Sewer Repair Experts

Need a professional plumber in the Sunshine State for a sewer line concern? When repairing the damaged sewer line, we approach the job in one of two ways. Through our sewer repair method, we employ existing valves to remove obstructions and upgrade the inner surface of the pipes. This method is quick and efficient.

On the contrary, we carry out traditional sewer repair and sewer line replacement by digging out and exposing the pipe to clean or replace the damaged part with a new section of pipe. This method may cause extensive damage to your landscape, but you can count on us to only dig when necessary.

Fortunately, sewer pipe line repair and replacement make it easy to prevent or address issues caused by:

  • severely clogged sewer lines
  • tree roots infiltration,
  • natural wear and tear
  • incorrect pipe installation
  • rust and corrosion

Red Flags That Mean You Need Sewer Repair Services

Standing Water

Water should never stand for too long in your plumbing system. If it does, you'll be at risk of dealing with water damage, mold, mildew, and foul odors running through your pipes.

Inconsistent Toilet Water Levels

Toilets can respond differently to different problems. You may need repair if the water in your toilet bowl is constantly rising or falling.

Tree Roots

Many people have to deal with invasive tree roots that grow into the pipes underground. This can lead to cracked pipes and leaks that severely impact your home.

Why Hire Our Plumbing Company

We know the importance of being able to trust your plumbing service provider with your plumbing system. Here's why you should hire our plumbing company.

  • We value your time and make every second count when we're on the job
  • Our team of experts values teamwork, leadership, and commitment
  • We are patient, cordial, and respectful towards our customers
  • We have proven to be reliable at all times

Work With Farrell Plumbing for Your Sewer Line Issues

Seeking professional assistance from a licensed plumbing company is the only way to get a well-functioning sewer system. Our sewer repair services are sure to exceed your expectations. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment with Farrell Plumbing. We also specialize in:

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