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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

High-Quality Leak Detection Services in Tarpon Springs, FL

Even if you only suspect you have a leak, call on a plumber in Tarpon Springs, FL from Farrell Plumbing to let you know what's going on. This way, we can take the right steps sooner rather than later. We have the tools and experience required to expertly and precisely locate leaks, including ones nestled under concrete driveways, patios, or slabs – or within any other structure where pipes may be located.

Signs of Leak Issues

It's best to contact a leak detection specialist from our team if you are seeing signs that suggest you have a leak. One of the most common ones is a noticeable and unexplained reduction in water pressure. You may also have a leak if you are noticing:

  • Higher-than-usual utility bills
  • Water pooling or showing up in places where it shouldn't be
  • Cracks in walls or floors
  • Strange odors that could be related to mold

With pipes located underground outdoors, our plumbing company will note that you may see patios or sidewalks cracking. In grassy areas, you may notice unusually lush growth.

The Frequent Causes of Leak Problems

The purpose of our leak detection services in Tarpon Springs, FL, and nearby areas is to find a leak’s source and fix it. At the same time, we think it's equally important for homeowners and business owners to have a better understanding of what could cause a leak in the first place. Aging pipes, for instance, tend to develop leaks around joints and other weak points. Leaks can also be related to:

  • Clogged pipes or drains
  • Corrosion
  • Excess water pressure
  • Intruding tree roots

You may also need a plumber from Farrell Plumbing if you've recently had remodeling or renovation work that might have damaged underground pipes. Unexpected temperature changes can contribute to leaks as well.

Benefits of Leak Detection

Expert water leak detection is beneficial because it prevents undetected leaks from doing damage that can be costly and widespread. For instance, a leak under a concrete slab could weaken your foundation. Leak detection also saves you money since an ongoing leak is going to be a continual drain on your utility bills. We offer leak detection and other services in:

Rely on Our Team for Precise Leak Detection

Having our team conduct underground leak detection means you'll be treated to fair pricing and instant access to seasoned plumbing pros. Our courteous, well-trained technicians will arrive promptly to track down the source of a suspected leak. Because we are thorough in our work, nothing will be overlooked. Once the source of a leak is found, we'll take the steps necessary to solve the problem with a long-term solution.

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If you're seeing signs of a leak, call on the expert leak detectors in Tarpon Springs, FL from Farrell Plumbing to give you the answers you need and the solutions you deserve. We pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art slab leak detection services and fast, responsive customer service. Call us today or book an appointment online for leak detection services or sewer repair services in Tarpon Springs, FL.

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