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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Comprehensive Leak Detection Services in Port Richey, FL

Let the trusted plumber in Port Richey, FL, and nearby areas take care of resolving any leak issue that you may have. When it comes to leaks, Farrell Plumbing has the team to find the problem promptly and repair it efficiently.

How Leaks Occur

Pipes start leaking for many reasons and a plumber is needed quickly to fix the problem. Rare causes are natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes that cause the ground to shift and disengage the pipe joints. Farrell Plumbing has the experts and experience to fix all types of plumbing problems. The most common causes of leaks are:

  • Shifts in the foundation of the home – This is more common in older homes. When the house settles, it can dislodge pipes and create leaks. It usually affects the weakest part of the system such as the joints. Our superior water leak detection can pinpoint the affected area quickly.
  • Very high water pressure – Some people like high water pressure in the shower and kitchen, but water racing through the pipes at high speed can damage the pipes and create leaks.
  • Tree roots – If you have trees near your pipes, the roots will seek the water inside the pipe and gradually create a small hole and start to grow in the pipe. This is very common and requires a plumber in Port Richey with leak detection services.
  • Rust and corrosion – both of these conditions may weaken pipes until they collapse. Rust may also be the cause of a leak under a kitchen or bathroom sink. They are especially common in older houses and create a major blockage that requires underground leak detection. At Farrell Plumbing we will replace the damaged pipes with as little disturbance to your landscaping as possible. We use professional-grade equipment to dig at the exact spot. We always restore the excavated area to the best of our ability.

If you start to see the dampness in your walls or detect the odor of mildew or mold, we recommend you have your plumbing examined for leaks. We have the tools and leak detection services in Port Richey, FL, to detect moisture inside walls that cannot be seen from the outside. Water damage is one of the most serious types of damage a house can have because it affects the basic structure and can result in expensive structural repair costs.

Precise Leak Detection from Farrell Plumbing

Leak detection services have benefited from the latest technology. With high-definition cameras, vapor sensors, ultrasonic leak detectors, and other tools, we can pinpoint a leak quickly and fix it. For example, we may recommend pressure testing to determine if there is a leak under a concrete slab such as a patio or driveway.

When we know exactly where the leak is, we can also discuss the exact leak repair option that fits your needs. With precise leak detection, there will be little disruption. Our cutting-edge plumbing allows us to fix leaks without disrupting your foundation driveway, landscaping, and hardscaping.

Signs You Need Professional Leak Detection

Cracks In the Wall

When a leak continues to drip in the same spot, the ground underneath your home may begin to shift. This can eventually lead to cracks in the walls.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are two consequences of a neglected water leak. Both can have major impacts on your respiratory system and will become more hazardous to the home the longer the leak goes on.


Leaks can also lead to stains on the walls and floors. Water damage can and will destroy your property and possessions if leaks aren't taken care of immediately.

High Water Bill

Although most leaks may seem like small inconveniences, they can result in hundreds of gallons of water waste each week. If you notice your water bill getting higher even with regular use, you most likely have a leak somewhere.

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Quality service and professionalism are two things that our plumbing company prioritizes. Here's why you should choose us to take care of your plumbing concerns.

  • We strive to go above and beyond no matter how large or small the task is
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Don’t postpone water leak detection. Moisture and dampness in your walls, floors, and ceiling will begin to grow mold after 48 hours. This toxic mold can pollute the quality of air inside your home causing respiratory distress and other illnesses. Call us today so our leak detection specialist can examine your plumbing system and make sure it is safe or fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment. We aim to provide you with the highest quality sewer repair services in Port Richey, FL, and nearby areas. We serve:

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