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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Our Leak Detection Services in New Port Richey, FL

Regardless of whether you own a private residence or commercial property, everyone worries about water leaks and the damage they can cause. These can do far more than simply flood your basement or business. They can ruin the foundation of your home or business as well as damage the interior structure and ground outside. You will need the help of Farrell Plumbing, your reliable plumber in New Port Richey, FL, and nearby areas, to provide leak detection promptly.

When the water supply is located under concrete, identifying a leak can be nearly impossible. Water can start pooling under the concrete, slowly seeping through your home. If left unchecked, an underground water leak can ruin the integrity of your home or business, without you even knowing. You may notice water damage to woodwork, flooring, and walls.

The tell-tale signs that you need water leak detection are easily recognizable, not everyone knows what they are. In addition to a foul, musty smell inside your home or place of business, some of the most common signs of a leak include:

  • Significant loss of water pressure
  • Damp spots in the yard that never seem to dry out
  • Mold growth
  • Sudden ncrease in monthly water usage and bill
  • Air or dirt in water supply

Underground water leaks may also produce odd noises, which include a gurgling, swooshing and hissing. The intensity of the noise will depend on the pipe's caliber, the water pressure, the depth of the pipe, and where the leak is located.

We can use leak detectors to perform underground leak detection and identify both the location and source of the leak. Swift leak repair is the key to preserving not only the foundation of your home  but also the area around it as well. Standing pools of water can kill your landscaping efforts and are also the perfect breeding ground for pest infestation.

Precise Leak Detection from Farrell Plumbing

When it comes to repairing underground leaks, Farrell Plumbing is a leak detection specialist in New Port Richey, FL, and nearby areas. With cutting-edge leak detection services, we're able to pinpoint the problem to provide fast resolution.

As the top plumber in the local area, Farrell Plumbing knows how important it is to identify and repair a water leak as fast as possible. Even the smallest of leaks can cause massive damage, usually not making itself known until there is structural damage to your home or business.

Our team of qualified professionals has the skills and knowledge to locate even the smallest of leaks, even under slabs. As leaders in the field, we always strive to leave your home, inside and outside, in pristine condition, without causing unnecessary damage or added cost to you.

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If you suspect a water leak in your home or business, contact Farrell Plumbing today. Using modern slab leak detection processes, we have the experience to help get your water running in the right direction. We serve New Port Richey, FL, and the neighboring areas. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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